The Oglethorpe Museum was recently given 14 Salvador Dali lithographs by an anonymous doner.  Here is an article from Reporter Newspaper.

I have been the framer for the Museum for many years, having worked with curator Lloyd Nick on many shows.  I have been a lifelong fan of Dali since I discovered his work as a teenager, so it was not only an honer to frame these 14 works but very personally satisfying.  We decided to give the frames for the the Dalis a contemporary yet very Spanish look.  We used a combination of water-guilded gold mouldings and large old style Spanish mouldings.   Three of the pieces depicted cards of a Tarot deck that Dali did in the 1980′s.  Temperance, The Hanged Man and The Tower.  We floated the Tarot prints on black mats to give a very dramatic effect.