“Over the past 3 years I have had Scott frame 8 pieces for myself as well as two separate guitars mounted and framed for my employers, Kings of Leon.  From posters, Litho’s and oil’s including canvas re-stretching, every piece has returned to me twice the work of art it was before framing.  As well as listening to the clients wishes, Scott has a way of finding tiny elements within the original work and accenting them with his choices of materials and his spot on creative eye.  All of this combined works to complement the original, drawing you deeper into the piece without it ever feeling overdone or distracting. You owe it to your Art and your Artist to have it properly presented and thats exactly what Scott delivers.”


“This is without a doubt the best framing I’ve ever had. The custom frames they design for my painting, menus, photos, and other things I like to frame look like they were made specifically for my art. It always amazes me how they find the perfect frame and at affordable prices. The selection is endless and fabulous.”


“Wow! Excellent framing at a fair price. Scott’s work far exceeded my wildest expectations. Although I live in Philadelphia, I contacted Scott to frame three paintings and a large photograph. He came highly recommended. By the time it was all said and done, it cost the same as the local guys even after shipping costs.”


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“Scott is Atlanta’s Psychedelic Framer. He has vision, a beautiful collection of unique frames, and works with you to help make one of a kind creations that can range from classic to other worldly. He is a gifted framer!”


“Don’t let the phrase “by appointment only” fool you – the studio is in his home which is in a lovely neighborhood. Additionally, he actually offered a larger selection of frames to choose from than other framers I have worked with in commercial places. Working out of his home keeps the prices down.

He is very thoughtful with his guidance on frames and matting and, in one case, we used four (4) different colors of matting with a beautiful Italian lacquer frame. All of the pieces came out beautifully – highly recommend his services.”


“Scott is an absolute pleasure to work with and highly skilled in his craft. We had a project with an extremely short timeline and he really came through for us. We will be coming to you for all future projects. Please know you have our sincere appreciation.”


“Wow! My wife is going to flip when she sees these. She was worried that I made the decisions by myself, but once again you have out done yourself with the designs.  I never really liked these pieces but these frames make them look great.”


“Scott did a tremendous job on the framing of various pieces I brought to him. It was a fairly complex and detailed project, and he vastly exceeded my expectations. He was a pleasure to work with and did exceptional work in both framing and design. Scott has a wise knack for guiding high level decisions on framing design and bringing beautiful creativity and precision to the finished product. I could not be more pleased with Scott’s work.”


“Scott framed 4 posters that were very precious to me. He took the time to discuss the needs for each piece but was never pushy or trying to up sell me. All 4 were done with care and are now amazing additions to my home office. I really couldn’t be happier with the results and will go straight to Scott for my next framing project.”


“In a beautifully appointed, classic Virginia-Highland bungalow on Courtenay Drive, Master-Framer Scott Engel has been performing artistic magic for more then 20 years.  Scott has worked with individuals, private collectors, top designers, corporations and museums from Atlanta to New York to Europe. Scott’s talent as a Frame Artist is immediately evident in visiting his framing workshop.

Since he works out of his home, Scott says that it’s always a challenge to describe what he does over the phone: “People just have to come in a see for themselves.”  Every wall and surface of his home and studio is a gallery and display showcase of unique and creative framing.

His goal from the beginning has always been to integrate the frame with the art. With careful attention to detail, this is done using a variety of materials to create texture, color and depth. The impact of the art is heightened with a frame that enhances and becomes as much a part of the overall effect as the art itself.”


“Scott, I just can’t tell how happy I am with the frame you did. It couldn’t be more perfect. The colors and the moulding work better then I could have imagined. Thanks for a great job.”


“There was a quote that said “Accessories make everything better.’ Scott took a gorgeous painting I bought in Samara, Costa Rica, and with a beautiful frame…made it better. When you have a piece of art or great memory that you would like framed…Scott finds it the right frame, and makes it better! Very happy!”


“I picked up some stained glass windows that had been pulled out of the Abby (the old church/restaurant on the other side of ponce.) The windows were dirty and in poor shape, with damaged lead came and broken glass. They were fragile and could not even support themselves. Not having a salvage plan I brought them to Scott to see what he could figure out. He took them as a challenge. He cleaned and repaired them, framed them, and backed them with plexiglass. They are just so beautiful now, and are robust. I consider Scott to be part artist, part engineer and part magician. And I was pretty stunned by reasonableness of his prices.”


Trusted framer of art collectors, museums, rock stars, & interior designers

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