We work with four-time Grammy winners Kings of Leon. The band consist of 3 brothers, Caleb Followill (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Matthew Followill (lead guitar), Jared Followill (bass), and their cousin, Nathan Followill (on drums).

Recently Jared and Matthew smashed their guitars while on stage. Jared smashed his Gibson Thunderbird bass at a concert in Sydney, Australia last March and brother Matthew smashed his Epiphone Sheraton 6 string at a festival in Leeds, England this summer. Instead of trashing them, they decided they wanted to keep them as mementos framed in their homes.

For Jared’s bass we put it in a deep silver shadowbox frame with a wavy silver moulding on the outside. We lined it with plush black velvet to look like the inside of a coffin, sort of a “rest-in-peace” homage to his guitar. We inserted a black and silver plate inscribed with details of the time and place he destroyed it. We wanted it to read like a police report. It reads: “Kings_of_Leon, Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia. Saturday, March 21, 2009. Paid Attendance: 16,131. Time of Impact: 10:42 PM.”

For Matthew’s guitar, we chose a black gothic moulding and lined the shadowbox with a black fabric that had a pattern that coordinated with the pattern on the moulding. For the innemrost element we used a moulding from Italy that was made with real Tuscan barnwood. Matthew especially loved this.