Recently I was contact by 4 individuals on the same day all wanting to put frames on posters they got at Phish concerts. It was quite a coincidence. The first person brought in 3 posters he got when he attended 3 consecutive Phish concerts along with tickets for each. Together the 3 posters formed a single art piece. We decided to put them into a single frame and create a triptych. We used a Max brown ribbed moulding, green linen mat and matching wood filets around theĀ 3 windows.

As soon as he left my studio, the phone rang and three more individuals with Phish posters wanted to come in to get them framed. They found me independently of the previous gentleman. They all attended the same concert and thereby all had the exact same poster. We decided to frame each of them differently. Here is a good example of how a single piece of art can be framed for different effects depending on the moulding and mat design.