Flournoy Holmes is one of the premier rock album artists in the Southeast. For the last 45 years, he has produced one iconic piece of rock-art after another  These include the famous “Eat a Peach” album for the Almond Brothers, the self-titled first album of the Marshall Tucker Band, Dr. John’s “In the Right Place”, and Charlie Daniels’ “Fire on the Mountain”. He is also credited with photography work for Carole King “Touch the Sky”, The Outlaws “Hurry Sundown” and many more. Flournoy and his brother, David Powell, founded the graphics studio Wonder Graphics. According to an interview with Dr. John, the triple gatefold artwork for the album was inspired by the architecture of the artist’s home in New Orleans at the time.  Artistic Designs just framed this Bruce Springsteen poster Flournoy did in 1977.