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Last October world famous visionary artist Alex Grey and his wife Alison visited Atlanta for a 3 day event.  Alex and Alison travel the country appearing at festivals which promote the relationship between Sacred Art and higher consciousness.   One of the highlights of their events is when they paint on stage to live music.  These two paintings were painted on stage during their Atlanta visit.

Alex’s piece is titled ‘Sybil’.  Sybils were the prophetesses of ancient Greece and Rome who were adept at going into trance to received oracles which were then given for the guidance of the Greek and Roman people.  The words of the Sybils were taken extremely seriously and their utterances would affect the decisions enacted at the highest levels of the Greek and Roman Empires.

Alex’s art has always specialized in showing what takes place behind the scenes in the invisible-energetic worlds to those undergoing a spiritual experience or altering of consciousness.  Here he shows the ‘energetic body’ of the Sybil as she receives and gives oracles.  Alex’s website is:

To frame this piece I used a large ornate hand-made gold Italian moulding for the outer frame.  Inside this I put a 1 1/2″ liner wrapped in red velvet with a large gold beaded filet.

Alison’s painting is titled: ‘Pinstripe Message’.  It is part of a series of paintings she calls ‘Secret Writings’.  This was also painted live on stage during their Atlanta visit.  I stacked 3 colored mouldings, red, orange and yellow each separated by a thin black lacquer filet.